Saturday, 19 August 2017

Country Roads and Roadkill

Since my last post I have continued working for the same company I have been at since January.
They seem content to pay agency rates for me although I'm only getting the minimum wage. I had been promised to be taken on permanently after a trial period but seven months on and I am still an agency driver. I receive holiday pay and am enrolled in a pension plan but its on Bank holidays that you feel it because you don't get paid for them.

I have really gotten used to this job though and there isn't much in the way of problems that I encounter. I basically cover all of Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex and Cambridgeshire and often dip inside the M25 with trips to the east side of London. I leave the yard every morning with a van full to the brim of cleaning and medical products. Most of the drops are literally pull up at the door and put the stuff into the lobby but quite a few entail trips up flights of stairs or treks through a maze of corridors to some obscure cleaning cupboard at the far end of the building so I know for a fact my fitness levels have improved. I bought a Fitbit recently to track my steps and heart rate and regularly do 10,000 steps per day. The downside to this job is that I can pull up wherever I want and eat what I want so KFC, McD's and many other junk food outlets often have visits from me.

Although I try hard to avoid accidents they occasionally still happen. A few weeks ago I was delivering to a sports club in Cambridgeshire when I parked in front of a bollard. I did the delivery, jumped back in the van, forgot I was in front of a bollard and drove straight over it with a loud crunch!! I reversed back, saw that I had knocked the concrete bollard over causing the concrete lump to break the nice red tarmac and making a mess of the forecourt. I looked up and down for CCTV but saw none so made my escape. The van received minor damage to the front and would probably go un-noticed. I was pretty gutted for the next few days and worried in case I was reported by the club but as the days became weeks I realised I'd got away with it.

 How ever hard you try to avoid these incidents they will still happen from time to time. I also received  3 penalty points on my licence after I was caught by a mobile police camera doing 43mph in a 30 zone bringing my points total to 6 now.

One thing I have noticed whilst driving the country lanes is the amount of roadkill out there. I've seen badgers,deer, foxes, hedgehogs and all manner of birds lying dead in the road. I have had birds fly into the path of the van many times and  wonder that there's any left.

The guy that works out the routes is generally quite good at getting me finished anywhere between 3 and 5pm but occasionally he works it out wrong and I finish between six and seven but at least I get paid for every minute I work unlike the regular driver they have who's always moaning about finishing after his time and not getting paid.

Anyway, its all quite uneventful and probably makes for a dull blog so I'll only post when there's anything worth talking about.
Catch you all later.


  1. You seem ok telling the world you don't honour your responsibilities. If you break something the right thing to do is own up to it, whether or not you were seen or caught.

  2. Would've owned up but need my job mate.

    1. Shit, even my 6-year old understands there are consequences to her actions. You fucking tool, grow up, man.

  3. Thanks for the recent blog post. Given the contract work and minimum wage, are you ever tempted to go back to driving a cab?

  4. First and foremost, the cab game is not the job I came into and over the last few years I grew to hate it. My life is up here in Suffolk now so hopefully I will secure permanent work with the company I am currently driving for as they seem to like me and the job will be worth another hundred a week once permanent. Lastly, I failed to renew my license in April so no longer have the entitlement to drive London cabs. I don't really miss all the traffic or stroppy punters I am just content to talk to my parcels ;0)

  5. Hello Truckmann,
    Thought you had disappeared for good. Long time no post!
    Likewise i never renewed my badge, expired Aug 2016 and cant think of anything worse than going back to driving a cab in town. I only work part time as a cook/chef now, and its great..
    I feel a bit bitter when i think about the 4 years i spent on the KOL, when i should have invested that time in a skill/trade i can use outside of London or around the house- especially having had some quotes recently from "tradesmen" for some home improvements!! but you live and learn.
    Keep up the posts..Best wishes

  6. Hi Lucy
    Thats what was going through my mind in april when license up for renewal. Do I really want all that? Do I spend £400 only to have it sitting around? There is defo life after cabbing for sure. Take care